Hindu Sena writes to Home Ministry into funding of Haseena Parker : India

Hindu Sena writes to Home Ministry, Needs probe into Financing of Haseena Parker

The Hindu Sena in its letter said that revealed the police for its investigation of the blast in poor light.

Hindu Sena demands probe into funding of Haseena ParkerHindu Sena demands probe into financing of Haseena Parker

Bollywood film Haseena Parker seems to have landed in new trouble. Hindu Sena today wrote a letter to house ministry demanding research into the movie’s financing and also for portraying the police in poor light.

The letter mentions that the film is based on the feared gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parker, who has many cases against her. The Hindu Sena in its letter explained that the film, which seems to be based on the 1993 Mumbai blast, revealed the police in poor light for its investigation of the blast. The letter highlighted that there was an endeavor also to warrant the blasts and to gather empathy for the family of Dawood.

The letter written to Home Ministry by the Hindu Sena

The correspondence written to Home Ministry from the Hindu Sena


“According to the press conference by the Thane Police Commissioner on capture of Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Iqbal Kaskar from Haseena Parker’s home for extortion from builder, There Might Be a possibility of the Bollywood link of money laundering from the film financing by the underworld gang and glorification of their crimes against humanity,” the letter read.    

An inquiry has been ordered by the Hindu Sena into also the cast and the film financing and crew’s link with the underworld.