Home Ministry contradicts Rajnath Singh’s Promise of six terrorists’ Participation in Pathankot attack

Union Home Ministery replied to a question that the four terrorists were supporting the Pathankot air base attack earlier this season, so contradicting the claim of Home Minister Rajnath Singh that six terrorists had been hit.

The error came to light in a written response from Minister of State for Home Hansraj Gangaram Ahir to a question by Congress MP Ravneet Singh.

“Four Pakistan-based terrorists entered Punjab through Janial Road, Dhusi turn, near Ravi river bridge, Gulpur Simli village and assaulted air force station in Pathankot,” composed response  read.
When the news spread,

When the news spread, the Centre clambered to correct the “error” and blamed bureaucratic error for the answer.

“The official figure of terrorists involved with the attack is still six and it was nothing but a philosophical error. We’ve pulled the official who drafted the reply that was composed up and it was unintentional. We’ll ask the Speaker tomorrow to rectify this error,”a mature North Block official informed  The New Indian Express.

The slip arrived a day after Home Ministry nodded to National Investigation Agency’s request to prosecute the alleged reason for Pathankot airbase terror attacks, main Masood Azhar.

Back in March, ” Rajnath Singh announced that six terrorists have been killed in the ambush, a figure later corroborated by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

NIA have stated that while the figures of four were found, the remains of the other two are yet to be found.

The error had come to light in a written response to a query on Dawood Ibrahim’s possible repatriation, a 1993 Bombay blasts suspect. Home Ministry had issued a clarification later.