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RentToOwnTracker puts thousands of home listings in your fingertips and provides you all of the support and tools you want to make them your own. We provide everything you need from pinpoint precise nationwide search tools to control on specialist advice from our group of Rent to Own specialists that will help you repair your credit score, store through listings, and much more. Here at RentToOwnTracker, we do our best to help you go into the home you want and deserve now.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Rent To Own homes are properties available with lease-option financing. doesn’t charge for leasing listings and is not a “Pre Paid Listing Service” as defined by California Business & Professions Code 10167.

*Terms of credit during lease period dependent on arrangement with homeowner. Terms of credit can impact ability to qualify for home loan at end of lease period. Based on conditions of agreement with homeowner, the homeowner may apply part of monthly lease payment to deposit of land for purposes of purchase in the conclusion of lease period.

I know this customer transaction involves a negative option and also that I may be liable for payment of potential goods and services, under the conditions of the arrangement, should I fail to notify the supplier to not provide the merchandise or services described.

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