Home Ministry to set up panel for Appraising Cyclone ‘Ockhi’  Harm

NEW DELHI: The Union Home Ministry is constituting an inter ministerial fundamental committee for the location evaluation of harm and admissibility of claims of the nations struck by Cyclone Ockhi, an official said on Thursday.

The committee will go to the place and submit a comprehensive report on the Ministry within certain period about the loss of land caused by Ockhi that struck Tamil Nadu and Kerala on November 30.  

The Home Ministry official said that Tamil Nadu and Kerala were in the process of preparing memorandum of trying central help.  

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Wednesday that his government has sought Rs 1,843 crore from the Central government to mitigate the harm caused by Cyclone Ockhi. Kerala has also demanded Rs 300 crore for instant relief.  

Cyclone Ockhi, which in Bengali means ‘eye’, moved on make landfall from Lakshadweep on December 2 and caused extensive damages to homes, power lines and other infrastructure in the coastal and southern areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  

It appeared near the south coast of Gujarat on December 6.  

The Home Ministry official said that tens of thousands of homes and large areas of standing plants were damaged because of the cyclone.

He also said over 2,391 individuals from Tamil Nadu and also 8,566 from Kerala had been evacuated far while over 600 fishermen of the countries are still missing following the cyclone rampaged throughout portions of south and western India.  

As numerous as 433 fishermen from Tamil Nadu and 186 from Kerala were yet to be tracked, the officer said, adding that that house-to-house verification procedure was going on along with a final figure of the missing fishermen will be known once the procedure was over.  

Several fishermen had ventured to the sea in ships and “little crafts” until Ockhi approached the coastal region, police say. The anxiety is about the individuals who had gone in such smallish vessels.  

As of now, 63 individuals have lost their lives in Kerala and 14 at Tamil Nadu through the cyclone.  

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