“Property Brothers in Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House”

spinoff on HGTV is going to be more personal than ever. This time, they’re renovating and redecorating Drew Scott’s house that he’ll talk Linda Phan, along with his fiancée. To provide a sneak preview of their new special, Property Brothers in Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House, the Scott brothers filmed a live Facebook video on Wednesday with Linda and her sister, Wanda.

The Los Angeles home has not been remodeled, and was constructed in 1921, so to allow them to perform there is a good deal of work. They got rid of a lot of tacky background — and have gotten rid of lead and asbestos in the home. (Though Linda definitely has a tender spot for the stuff.) However, the rest of the home is basically a blank slate.

And the home has a great deal of background that is personal, also. Linda told that a story about the way the owner, 71 years back, was born in this home. It turns out her mom didn’t need to keep going to the hospital and didn’t quite make it.

Drew states the renovation is his opportunity to place a personal touch. “I really like it, since we enjoy helping other households, but we’re renovating homes for these,” Drew explained, “but at least here, I can put all the bells and whistles that I desire in the home.” And that includes a crafting room for Linda, because “she is a craft-o-maniac,” Drew says, along with built-in storage since “I love to arrange for fun.” Looks like a match made in heaven.