What Are 020 Numbers Use For In The UK Today

When you dial a number in the United Kingdom, the phone numbers are typically eight digit. There are four initial numbers followed by four more. However, to get the right location in the UK, the preceding three numbers are very important. In this case, if you are trying to call people in Greater London, you will need to use 020. This is the primary reason for using this and it is similar to area codes that you would use in America. It’s a way of identifying a very specific area of a country.

Have These Numbers Always Been Around?

These numbers have not actually always been around. They were different years ago. The people of Britain decided that it was actually better to change it to 020. For those that are in London, this came as a great shock at the time that it was done, but everyone has acclimated. It has been many years since the change, so it is simply standard for people that are living there today.

Could It Be Done A Different Way?

It could probably be done in a similar way, perhaps of different numbers, but there’s no reason to change now. Everyone is in agreements that this is the best way to do this at this time, so it’s going to stay that way until someone comes up with something new. These are different than the freephone numbers such as 0800 as you will be charged if you are calling long distance. Other than that, there’s nothing else to know about these three numbers that are used in front of the numbers you will call when you our calling somebody in London in the United Kingdom in order to meet a friend or perhaps even for business.