►Before getting married, my fiancé and I sought marriage counseling. Jessie came highly recommended by a good family friend. Rooted in God’s word and wisdom, Jessie helped lead me to open my heart and mind so that God’s light and love could illuminate the areas in my life that were clouded. Her use of visual imagery was instrumental in helping me understand struggles; while her founded knowledge in Jesus helped reach my fiancé in a deep intellectual way. We appreciated that through Jessie’s counseling our healing was more than momentary. Her guidance has been lasting and helped shape our healthy Christian lives.

Washington DC
January 2009

►In early 2008, our marriage was shaky, and we were separated for a time. Jessie saw us several times, and expertly, gently, and kindly brought us together in Christ. I have seen several counselors over the years. Without Jessie being available, I might have lost my ability to connect with Christ and those around me that I can love so much better now. Those around me say they have seen a change in my countenance over this time and the time I have been in Elijah House training. I have had these comments all around: at home, at church, and at work. Jessie also seeks to teach to the long-term through the Elijah House training, and through the Sunday School training series at the Church. Thank you, Jessie! May God richly bless you and your ministry!

January 2009

►I sought counseling with Jessie Mejias because of some unhealthy behavior patterns and fear in my life that I could not seem to break free of or understand. The ministry I received was different than any other type of counseling I had encountered in the past. Through Jessie’s ministry, the Lord revealed to me some things that I believed deep down within me that caused me great stress inside and led to unhealthy behaviors. These things I believed were simply not true, but no one but Jesus could have convinced me of that–and that He did. Jessie helped to usher me into the Lord’s presence to make myself available to Him–so that He could speak life-giving truth into my heart in a way that only He could do. I can honestly say that the results were life changing. I have been freed from much of the fear that previously plagued me, and have been able to break free of some unhealthy patterns and situations in my life. Praise God!

January 2009

►Jessie’s powerful prayers and clear recognition of the God’s voice has opened the door for tremendous healing of fear, guilt, and shame in my own life. Through her wisdom, listening ear, and gift for visions, Jessie helped me to understand how much God loves me and how deliberately He works in my life. I always left my times with Jessie encouraged, refreshed, and free.

February 2009

►Jessie sincerely desires and wants you to experience God and to get to know Him. My wife and I got to understand each other in a deeper way by learning to listen to and to hear from God.