Great Benefits of the Marijuana Seed

There have been many studies conducted into the benefits of medical marijuana, but the benefits of the seeds themselves are something that medical professionals are just starting to explore. Hemp seeds and cannabis seeds are, essentially, the same thing ?” they both come from the cannabis sativa plant. The main thing that differentiates them is that cannabis contains significantly more THC than hemp. THC is the substance in cannabis that produces the ‘high’.

Both hemp and cannabis seedbank contain a large amount of healthy fats and protein. It is legal to grow hemp, but in many parts of the world it is either illegal to grow cannabis, or you are required to have a prescription for medical marijuana before you can do so.

There are many benefits to consuming cannabis seeds, and hemp seeds, that have nothing to do with the presence of THC. For example, the arginine in hemp seeds has been found to help reduce the levels of CRP in the blood. CRP is an inflammatory marker that has been found to be associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Other recent studies suggest that hemp seeds, or the oil extracted from them, can help with lower blood pressure, help to prevent blood clots from forming, and help to prevent or relieve skin disease. It can also help with recovery after heart attacks. Hemp seeds are easy to incorporate into your diet. You can blend them into smoothies or mix them into yogurts, add them to your breakfast cereal or to salads, or use them in day to day cooking. It is easy to spread out your intake through the day, and this can help you to get more dietary fiber as well as give you many essential vitamins and minerals. These seeds are so nutrient dense.